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My name is

Manuela Schauer

The following pages, I will try get you a brief insight in my work, world, where I come from and where I am heading. I hope you enjoy the ride!

If there are any open questions in the end, or the wish to work together - just reach out for me! I am looking forward to hear from you!! 

Until then all the best!


Where i am heading

Vision And Values

If you are following me for a while, you will see - this page will be always under construction. There will be always some parts, buried, some will grow and evolve. And I mention it here right away- because it is the core of my work.

Transformation and growth.

Also a reason why this page got its name.

"Im Gewächshaus" is a symbol, a digital placeholder and a reminder of a vision. A vision of a place where one can grow, unfold their talents, capacities and their longings, wishes and dreams. Bring them to life, in an environment that is safe and nurturing.

Photography is for me a tool to perceive and to understand. A tool to shift the focus. And following the well known saying of Tony Robbins "Energy flows where attention goes" - I often ask myself, what do I want to enhance.

So I decided for myself and my unborn kids ;) -

I want to bring beauty in the world. I want to create harmony, I want the strengthen the good intention. And work hand in hand, for something that deeply moves me, where i find my expression, and create something that brings joy and deepens love and connection.

Last Words

- "everything is connected"

my photographic work.

I am looking forward to create with you!

Any Question, Request and in need for some help?