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Who I am

Woman . Photographer. Artist. Sister. Daughter. Friend . Visionkeeper. Lover. An always learning being

What moves me

life - creating - dreams - the sea - the ocean - water - nature - unity - good quality that lasts - something that shapes - ceramics - health - consciousness - connections - dance - enthusiasm - - lists - foresight - consideration - love - children - singing - communication - movement - craft - collaboration - sustainability - ethics - caring - adventure - extraordinary - beauty - wilderness

: The moon :

"im Gewächshaus"

The name was born out of the desire to create something, Something that could be more than just a service. It is a symbol of the constant inner growth of oneself. It is also a place where people come together, work together and where new things are created. It is green. It is natural. It is beautiful.


I am looking forward to your request, booking, cooperation offer or anything else!

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Manuela Schauer

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