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My name is

Manuela Schauer

The following pages, I will try get you a brief insight in my work and world. I hope you enjoy the ride!

If I can help you somehow I would be more then lucky to hear from you! Just reach out through the message box or any other social plattform. I am looking forward to get to know you!

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Who am I?

Woman . Photographer. Artist. Sister. Daughter. Friend . Visionkeeper. Lover. An always learning being

There is so much to say about Photography. I love it when it grows like a poem. Sometimes I can feel it, sometimes i can taste it. In the end I am amazed, when everything falls into place. The result, a piece of creation in harmony.

Open project


Following the traces to the core of myself. Through the lense, through poems and books, through the bonds with others I try to grasp, to reach something that I think was buried long ago.

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I am looking forward to create with you!

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